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Here's what my yoga students are saying...


I feel so fortunate to have found Melodie! I am disabled, have limitations in my limbs and severe weakness in my legs but she has helped me regain strength, balance and range of motion by adapting the poses to meet my unique needs. She has infused my life with hope, allowing me to live a happier and healthier life! On top of all that, she is a patient, kind-hearted and inspiring yoga instructor! Thank you, Melodie!

~Stephanie Brushemi

As a beginner in Yoga, I began with private sessions with Melodie. Melodie is a wonderful instructor who helped me learn the basics in Yoga in a very patient and non-judgmental way. She is able to modify poses to the level that you are currently at and be able to encourage you to more advanced poses as you progress. Since beginning Yoga with Melodie I have increased flexibility, balance and core strength. I would highly recommend private sessions with Melodie whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner.
Lana Newlander

I enjoy the class because yoga has helped me to relax, be more flexible, not only physically but psychologically. Both energy and relaxation are mixed, which I need a lot of both! I also get a lot out of the weekly class to practice at home when I need to relax, or if I have a problem like back ache, or stress, and also helps me to deal with the allergies (breathing exercises are vital here.)  I had a minor issue for years with my right shoulder,  which gave me some problems when I slept, and, yoga class has helped me a lot, because now I can move it all the way, with no pain and I can sleep better, it doesn't bother me lately, and I mean for almost 6 months.

Since yoga makes you do movements that are natural but not practiced in our modern hectic life, it feels different than anything else in the day, and it just gives me a healing effect. Melodie is very easy going and a good yoga teacher. She is professional and listens to us when we have a special request or issue , gives a lot of advice for specific problems, and the way she develops the yoga class during an hour and 15 minutes is just perfect for what I need. I also get a very good example from her healthy lifestyle, which makes me feel comfortable in yoga class, and she has become one of my favorite neighbors. Yoga has changed my life, and it is beyond some workout... it is about the body, mind and spirit, the whole package for a healthier life. I love it, and invite everyone to try it, and live it!  It is an experience that you can't get in the gym... 

~ Paloma R.  age 34 (I've taken yoga classes with Melodie for 20 months)


I have been taking yoga classes from Melodie for almost two years now, and there are so many good things that have resulted from this that I'm not sure I can name them all! My lifestyle has changed. I know what to do when I feel tired, overexcited, or ill (which is a rarity now). The several chronic injuries I began with are hardly noticeable since I started the yoga classes. I love the fact that I can actually improve physically with age! I didn't think that was possible at age 50. ~ Rebecca Maze

Melodie Phillips is my favorite yoga teacher.  Ok, she’s also my wife, so I may be a little prejudiced, but I can vouch for the fact that Melodie is passionate about yoga and that she cares deeply for her yoga students.  She gives a lot of thought and time to planning her yoga classes.  And she has found freedom from back pain in large part due to her own yoga practice.  I would recommend her yoga classes to anyone wanting to get healthy and have fun doing it!  

~ Chris Phillips

Thank you to my wonderful yoga students! You teach me something new in every yoga class. Watching your progress brings me great happiness & satisfaction.  Thanks for sticking with me and making Yoga by Melodie possible. 

Namaste' ~Melodie

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