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Come experience the blessings of radiant health & deep relaxation

Triangle pose alleviates back ache

Benefits of taking yoga classes:

  • Calms frazzled nerves
  • Improves balance
  • Increases range of motion 
  • Relieves back pain, insomnia & headaches
  • Strengthens core, leg, spine & arm muscles
  • Energizes & invigorates the body
  • Improves posture & trims excess body fat!
  • Cultivates respect for our bodies in thier current condition in a non-competitve environment
  • Provides useful tools for dealing with many common conditions, situations & ailments without the use of drugs or surgery
  • Develops confidence & mental clarity
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves performance & helps prevent injuries in sports such as golf, tennis, running & softball

About the group yoga classes:

I teach invigorating hatha yoga flow classes with Iengar style alignment instruction for yoga students of all ages & levels of experience, including beginner's yoga.  The emphasis of the classes is on health, fitness & stress relief.  The classes are fun, friendly and informative.  Mats, blankets and props are provided.  I am a Christian and do not use any Hindu references or chanting in my classes.  People of all faiths & beliefs are welcome.  Yoga class ends with 5 minutes of relaxation and an uplifting, thought provolking or inspiring “thought for the day”. Cool

I currently have yoga classes on Thursday evenings at 6pm.  The pool house yoga studio is in beautiful Apache Shores within close proximity to Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Bee Caves and the Lake Travis area!  It is temperature controlled with a beautiful outside deck (see picture below) that sits to the side of the studio under a cluster of oak trees. We normally have classes inside the studio, however we have class outside on those days that are so beautiful that nobody wants to be inside.  Private sessions are available by appointment.  Please call for more info.

I encourage you to come be a part of this budding new yoga community right here in the Lake Travis area!

                      Namaste' (The highest & best in me honors the highest & best in you)
                                                           Melodie Phillips

Yoga teacher, Melodie, on the shady deck

*Tired of feeling like a number at gyms & big studios?
*Ready to get rid of back pain and feel great?
*Did you know you can experience the benefits of yoga despite injuries or limitations?  Yes you can!

Experienced Certified Yoga Instructor Melodie Phillips

makes yoga accessible to you, regardless of your current situation,

providing both private & group yoga classes in an intimate & casual setting.

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