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My name is Melodie Phillips and I am a certified yoga instructor.  I recieved my 200 hour teaching certification from the Living Yoga Teacher Training Program in Austin, Texas.  It was an amazing experience which included nine days of intensive yoga study at the Barsama Dahm temple, just outside of Austin.  I feel very fortunate to have participated in such a fine program.  I
am also grateful to have studied under Murti at Healing in Yoga for 3 years.

started taking yoga classes on the advice of a massage therapist who was treating me for chronic back pain associated with a herniated disk, as well as multiple whiplash injuries.  Over time my spine was healed from the yoga practice in combination with chiropractic & massage therapy.  

Like so many others, I found healing & freedom from back pain through the practice of yoga.  And so much more!  I enjoyed the yoga classes and overall feeling of good health so much that I decided to become a yoga teacher to share the gift of yoga with others.  I dedicate my yoga practice and my yoga teaching to the merciful God who brought yoga into my life.

Phillips family

Melodie Phillips - Certified Yoga Instuctor

Yoga Instructor, Melodie, in half moon variation

*Tired of feeling like a number at gyms & big studios?
*Ready to get rid of back pain and feel great?
*Did you know you can experience the benefits of yoga despite injuries or limitations?  Yes you can!

Experienced Certified Yoga Instructor Melodie Phillips

makes yoga accessible to you, regardless of your current situation,

providing both private & group yoga classes in an intimate & casual setting.

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